Diverse needs for various photography

In order to take different kinds of photography, it is common sense that it will require different locations, settings, and environment for them. In example, in order to take a natural photography of the natural environment such as the mountains, river, lakes, forests, you will have to be there. There is not other way around, unless you want to add in special effects to your photographs manually such as the background for your photographs. Excessive manual editing will make the photograph look fake and unnatural, ruining the natural beauty of photography.

Likewise, in order to take beautiful images of the various style of Singapore wedding photography (e.g. http://www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/photography-and-videography/) such as chinese style photography, or indian style photography, you will need the different cultural clothing for each photo shoot. For wedding photography in Singapore, even though Singapore is in Asia, it is common to see people adopting the western wedding style. Apart from the clothes, the background is also equally important to emphasize the cultural effect. For example, if you take a picture with traditional chinese houses in the background, it will give you a more chinese style photography feel.

While some photographs emphasize on the person itself and place far less importance on the location on which the photograph is taken at, props and equipments may be needed to create an intended atmosphere. For instance, you can use a studio to take many different kinds of photography, but you will require different props, clothing, and equipment to bring out different feelings and atmosphere from the pictures. You may need a fan to blow the subject’s hair to create the windy atmosphere / effect. Or a light shining on the subject’s face to give a brightening, radiating effect to the picture.

Some people may argue that some photography will be candid and that’s the best kind of shots. I don’t disagree with this view. Even for candid shots, you will need to capture the right timing with the right people and right place to bring out a certain emotion / feeling / inspiration from the photograph.

Wedding Photography Is Beautiful

Wedding photography is my specialty. I love taking and looking at wedding photographs. In wedding photographs, you can see 2 people blissfully standing together, posing for the picture, giving a heart-warming feeling to people. You can feel a more intense happiness emitting from the photographs. These 2 people captured in the photographs are having a time of their life.. that very special moment once in their life (if everything goes well).

With regards to wedding photography, different people will request to have theirs taken in different styles. For instance, there are some people who would like to take their wedding photographs with natural outdoor backdrop, while there are some people who likes it taken indoor, in the photography studio. There are people who prefer close up photographs, while others prefer more distanced shots. There are people who prefers traditional cultural wedding photography style in which they dress up in their traditional cultural clothing for wedding photographs. There are also people who prefer to dress up in the modern wedding attire for the wedding photography- where the guys dress in suits and ties and the ladies dress in long white wedding dress.

There are also other funky attires such as people dressing up as Star Wars character or some random cosplay. As long as the couples are happy, wedding attires are just but another objects to them.

Visit Grandeur Wedding Studios for great wedding photographers in Singapore. These wedding photographers at Grandeur Wedding Studio listen to clients’ needs and can cater to different requirements and needs. They offer both pre wedding photography shots and actual day wedding photography shots. It is to be noted that some wedding photography studios only specialise in one of the wedding photography areas, either pre wedding photography or actual day photography. This is not a case for Grandeur Wedding. All the wedding photographers have their own great portfolio for diverse wedding photography shots.

What you can expect from a wedding photographer?

As a newly wed, you will expect your wedding photographer to be utmost professional and will be able to capture top quality photographs. That’s the main expectation / key performance indicator (kpi) from him/her. As with all trades, there are good and bad crew. A good Singapore bridal photographer will deliver you top quality photographs, within reasonable time frame. Both time and quality is of the essence here. The industrial average for the time taken to fully edit and develop all photographs after approved by the client is about 3 days. For wedding videos, it will long about 1 week as the editing of videos is much more complex than the editing of photographs.

A good wedding photographer in Singapore will know that it is critical to establish crystal clear communication between you and him. He will make the effort to listen to your expectations, know what types of photographs you want to be captured, and perhaps even follow some of your rules/etiquette during your wedding event. Of course, you will need to give the wedding photographer time after the wedding event for post-event work. Actually, the amount of time spent on post-event is a lot more than the time spent on the actual event itself. The actual wedding event will take only between 3 to 6 hours, but the actual post-event work which includes editing, printing, and framing of the photographs will take approximately 3 to 4 days as mentioned earlier. That’s why the wedding photographers charge a high service fee for their photography services – they put in a lot of time and effort during the actual shooting process in the wedding and also in the post-wedding editing to produce those beautiful photographs for you! Many people just see the time spent by wedding photographers in the wedding banquet, but failed to realise the time spent by the wedding photographers behind the scenes editing those photographs, and lament that the wedding photography prices are too expensive.

Getting a wedding videographer in Singapore

It is common for people to engage a wedding videographer for weddings now. It is not enough to have just a wedding photographer for your wedding event. People now demands wedding videos to be taken to record down the beautiful memories. Most bridal videography companies in Singapore now usually package their services together with wedding photography service to form a all-in-one wedding package for wedding couples. At least 2 personnel will be at your wedding scene (1 wedding videographer and 1 wedding photographer).

Though wedding videography is more advanced and contains more details (such as motions and audios) than wedding photography, the price of bridal videography services is surprisingly greatly lower than that of photography’s. Perhaps people think that it is much harder to capture good photographs as compared to taking good videos. That may be true as the photographer needs to consider timing and angle appropriately for each photographs while the videographer just stands at one spot and does to recording. It may also be due to the market’s lower demand for wedding videography compared to wedding photography. As the market may think that wedding videography is complementary to wedding photography and is just an additional feature to wedding photography being the main product, demand for wedding videography is lower. Hence, in order to entice people to take up wedding videography, the wedding videographers lower the price for wedding videography singapore.

In my personal opinion, I feel that the prices of wedding photography and videography is not rightly justified based on this current market prices. Obviously, the amount of time needed to shoot and edit the wedding videos is much greater than the amount of time needed to shoot and develop wedding photographs. Furthermore, wedding videos, if developed nicely, will definitely brings more emotions and capture more details of the wedding event as compared to wedding photographs. By these 2 justifications alone, the price of wedding videography should be higher than the price of wedding photography.

All the more, you should take advantage of the mis-priced wedding videography packages now.

Best Of Wedding Photography

Going to get engaged or married? Then look for great wedding photographers and take lovely photographs as shown in the above video.

Being in a wedding photo shoot feels surreal. You cannot believe that you are actually doing it. The concept of getting married soon is just so unbelievable and exciting. This is especially so for the bride. In almost all weddings, the bride will experience more emotions than the groom. The bride values wedding more than the groom. This may be so as the bride thinks of marriage of a once-in-a-lifetime event which she leaves her family and gives herself to the groom. The meaning of this is significant. A lot of trust and love is needed for the bride to make this bold move. The groom may not feel as emotional as the males are more emotionally stronger and has lesser to lose as compared to the bride actually.

Wedding photo shoot typically takes a day or two. You can choose to carry out your wedding photo shoot in a photography studio, or outdoors. These days, it is much more common for people to opt for the outdoor wedding photo shoots as the backdrop is naturally beautiful. Moreover, the experience of shooting outdoors feels more refreshing than having photo shoots indoors.

The styles and poses in the wedding photo shoot is up to your creativity. You can pose in whichever styles you like and wear whichever beautiful wedding dresses you have always dreamed of since you were a little girl! The wedding photographer normally will have some recommended styles for the newly weds too. During these wedding photo shoots, be natural and smile. Do not get too nervous or uncomfortable seeing the wedding photographer around. I understand that some of us may not feel comfortable posing for a photo shoot. This is a mental barrier than we must overcome in order to look natural in the wedding photographs. We do not want to see fake smiles or awkward expressions in our wedding photographs.

Taking Your Bridal Photos In Singapore

Here’s how to have an amazing wedding photo shoot experience in Singapore.

First of all, find a great photography studio like www.grandeurweddingstudio.com. Talk to him/her before engaging the professional wedding photographer. This is not only for the purpose of viewing his/her photos (because you can also view from their websites), but mainly for interacting with the person. Sometimes, you will discover that you do not like a person and his style after talking to him. Wedding photographer plays a crucial role in your wedding event so you will need to make sure that this guy can clique well with you and delivers good photography works to your liking.

It is crucial that you are able to interact with him/her comfortably, as there is a good chance that he/she will need to act independently especially for actual day wedding photography in Singapore. You don’t want to work with a person who does not follow your goals and then taking ugly photos (though it should be good, the danger is taking a style of photography you don’t like).

Hence make sure to talk to him/her and discuss well first.

Next, make sure to check them out on social media as well as on search engines such as Google. Some of them may have bad reviews and this will reveal a side of them that you will never see when meeting up with them. Of course, they will never say any bad points about themselves when selling their services to you. However, after you have signed the photography contract with them, they may come out with some stunts and play you out, or deliver unsatisfactory results. Make sure that the wedding photographer that you are going to engage does not have major negative reviews. Otherwise, if there is nothing major negative about him, then move on to the next step.

Have him/her meet both you and your spouse! It is necessary that everyone clears up all expectations up from the start and proceed on to have the wedding photography in Singapore running smoothly.

Tips To Find Good Wedding Photographers

If you are looking for wedding photographers, the following are some tips I have for you as well as some recommendations as to which photographers you could possibly engage in Singapore. I have came across the same situation and been in the same shoes as you in the past. Thus, I’m sure I’m a good source for this.

Tips for finding good wedding photographers in Singapore:

– Check out their portfolio and make sure that their style is to your liking. Each marriage photographer has a different slant, and you want to be sure that it suits you before engaging them because wedding is once in a lifetime event for you and you do not want to mess up any part of it, including the photography. You can visit the wedding photographers’ websites to view their portfolio. But do note that their portfolio posted online is usually not complete. While it is enough to give you a feel of their photography skills and styles, you may want to meet up with them face to face to get their complete portfolio to make a more reasoned and complete decision.

– Talk to the wedding photographer. Sometimes, great pictures does not mean that you will be able to engage well with the shooter. Make sure that your chemistry is at least decent and able to talk without getting into arguments for no good reasons. Communication cannot be overemphasized in reality. It is important for the wedding photographer and you to establish rapport and know each others’ roles and responsibilities.

Here are some great wedding photographers:

Personally, my favourite is Grandeur Wedding Studio as their portfolio styles are very diverse and all very beautifully shot. They have many talented wedding photographers in house in Singapore. You can talk to each of them, if you wish, and choose one which you like best. Their wedding packages is one of the most value for money packages in the market too.

Places For Wedding Photoshoot In Singapore

Are you looking to take your wedding photography in Singapore?

If so, the following are some of the best locations you can consider having your wedding photographs and photoshoot session taken at.

– Botanic Gardens, a potential world heritage site, is one of the favorite hot spots for wedding photography sessions among engaged couples. There are vast grassy lands comfortable enough for people to lie down and take a picnic. It’s this same beautiful grassy lands that attract newly weds to Botanic Gardens to have their wedding photography. However, it is advised to visit Botanic Gardens only in the early morning or the late afternoon to avoid the strong sun / heat in late morning and early afternoon. The unbearable heat can ruin your wedding photography in Singapore by making you feeling hot and sweaty, ruining the mood for wedding photo shoots.

– The city area with the Fullerton Hotel as the backdrop is also another extremely popular spot. The wedding photography session here takes only ten to fifteen minutes as only a few shots will be needed to capture the newly weds with the Fullerton Hotel as the backdrop. There is no other good backdrops around in this area.

– Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool is now a serious tourist attraction and a great place for wedding photographs as well. Situated at the 67 floor in Marina Bay Sands Tower, the Infinity pool overlooks the entire Singapore city. It is equally beautiful at night as it is in the day. You may want to consider taking a few wedding photography shots in the day, and stay till the nightfall to continue taking the wedding photography shots. The beautiful city lights as the backdrop at night will not disappoint.

– Gardens by the Bay is beautiful if you want something special. Similiar to the Botanic Gardens, Garden by the Bay features a natural and soothing greenery, flowery backdrop. The main difference is that you can find a lot more flowers sprouting around at Gardens by the Bay than the Botanic Gardens.